Hadley's Multi Cover

One product, multiple uses:

car seat cover, carry cot cover, breastfeeding cover, high chair cover,

shopping cart cover, swing cover, and just about what ever else you need!

Our Design

 four way stretch to insure a tight fit on any car seat;

classic design to go with any style;

machine washable for easy care;

peak hole to spy on your sleepy sweetie;

360 degree protection from light, wind, and prying eyes;

breathable bamboo fabric to care for the environment and your baby.

About Us

Hadley’s Baby Gear is named after our daughter Hadley. When my wife and I were expecting, we started to gather the usual items needed for a baby. The problem was that we needed a cover that could perform multiple functions. As a parent you already carry around enough items in a backpack, or stroller, plus the little one. For Hadley, we needed a multi-functional, protective cover, but we could not find what we were looking for. So we decided to produce our own cover and share it with you.


Our mission at Hadley’s baby gear is simple: To provide a great looking, Eco-friendly, multi-functional cover that does not take up half the already stuffed to the brim backpack.


We would be so grateful to have you come on this journey with us!


Zefanja, Shelby, and Hadley.

Giving Back

Included in our mission is giving back to our communities. To give back to donate 10% of our profits to charities that help parents and babies thrive.