Striped Multi-Cover

Parenting can be stressful enough (trust us, we know). So let’s add some fun and functionality to the products we use. You don’t need more stuff – but better stuff, that can easily do different things while looking fresh.


  Do you want to:

  • protect your baby from the sun?
  • curb your baby's access to germs?
  • help your baby relax in busy environments?
  • have some privacy when nursing in public?


The breathable bamboo Multi Cover does just that, and more. It’s large and stretchy enough to fit over a car seat, shopping cart, baby cot, or high chair. That’s what we call convenience! Not to mention, it is machine washable and eco-friendly. The cool designs make it a perfect gift for a baby shower. Or… just spoil yourself. We would!

Pre-Order Your Cover!

Our crowdfunding campaigne is live! Go here to pre-order your amazing multi-cover!